5J Farm

Our Farm

Established in 2000

After serving 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, we returned home to the county that our ancestors have resided in since the late 1700's.  We purchased some acreage and built our cabin on a hill, overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that run through our county.  We named our new homestead 5J Farm.

5J Farm is named after the five J's in our family.  Jay, Janet (Mouse), and our children, Joshua, Jacob, and Julianne.  Though our children have now grown and have families of their own, our grandchildren are enjoying the perks of farm living.  Raising livestock, growing gardens and orchards, and tasting the goodness of our efforts is a blessing that us farm folks have held dear all our lives.  Playing in the creek and running freely through the fields is a life that all children should have.  Watching chicks and ducklings hatch, as well as feeding newborn lambs, goat kids, and calves on the bottle are all part of Life Lesson 101.  God's goodness prevails everywhere!

Life is just sweeter on the farm...  

Our Story

Joshua's story

Our eldest son Joshua was born with disabilities and was a quadriplegic.  Being wheelchair bound, he was not able to enjoy running or playing on the play equipment in the parks.  He did however, immensely enjoy animals. The animals, in turn, were drawn to him and a great bond was formed between them.  While he enjoyed his cats and dogs at home, Joshua particularly enjoyed the animals at the petting zoos.  It was in that setting that Joshua's smiles were the sweetest and his heart filled with joy.  It was that precious memory that began the creation of 5J Farm.  

Joshua passed away when he was only 14 years old.  We returned to our hometown of Floyd and purchased some timbered-over land and began 5J Farm.  After a few years of clearing acreage, building fences, building barns and sheds, and adding livestock, we opened our hearts and farm to friends, families, and groups, for tours and visits.  We did so for several years and we shared Joshua's story with all of them.  In 2018, we closed the farm to the public and now enjoy the simplicity of the family farm.